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"Portraits for Heroes" is an ongoing initiative set up by artist Tom Croft, that pairs NHS workers with portrait artists who are offering a free commissioned portrait as a way of showing their appreciation for the work that these front line NHS staffs are doing during the current coronavirus pandemic. 


Quote from Tom Crofts Instagram page:


So following some amazing coverage on the news tonight I have been wonderfully overwhelmed by the response of artists and NHS workers wanting to be matched for a free portrait. Because it would be great to pair as many people as possible I am posting this solution. Please watch the videos, then swipe left to see the slides which explain what to do. Apologies if not everyone gets paired but let's try and spread this to as many NHS key workers as possible.
To all the wonderful artists offering thank you so much and to all the NHS key workers for your selfless heroic work, I am beyond grateful. 🙏💚 #portraitsfornhsheroes"

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portraits for herosss.png

The NHS workers find artists offering portraits via these tiles on Instagram. Just 2 minutes after I had posted the green tile on my feed I was contacted by a doctor from Coventry with whom I then paired with. 


Above is an image of the painting I created for the doctor I was paired with under the Portraits For Heroes initiative. 

I very much enjoyed taking part in this initiative - it made me feel that I could, at least in some way, be helpful to front line workers and that is very important to me. 

Kristina and Ed  (portraits for heroes)

Acrylic on board

20cm x 27cms