"Love Country, Not Borders"

A curious and somewhat unexplained Billy Jo Spears impersonater has come to show the audience in a South London Pub (The Amersham Arms) that Country music can be enjoyed unashamedly if we just surrender wholeheartedly to 'bad-taste' and ignore some of it's complicated nationalistic messages - "Love Country, Not Borders" 

This one-off performance was shown at "TERRA INCOGNITA" - a live performance event set up and hosted by myself and artist Rachel Lonsdale and Kyran Gilbert - 02/08/19.

Unfortunately this performance only exists in memory and partial/fragmented piece of footage (shown here) as camera overheated and shut down during the show. This footage was gathered from the recording taken by audience members. 


Large patchwork quilt, cowboy boots, nylon stockings, 2 x fringed and bedazzled Country and Western-style shirts,  fingerless fringed white leather gloves,  hand-painted bedazzled denim corset inscribed with the title"Love Country, Not Borders"