"Hostile Communicator" is the title of an artist book I have been planning to create for some time. All sketches and plans working towards this book's realisation are in inside the WCA studio's and I, unfortunately, do not have photos of these. 

This book would be created from a large series of text-based screen prints - a curated series of notes and jottings-down selected from my various note pads and sketchbooks I have kept during my time at WCA - brought together in a colourful, and richly typographical display. The typeface will be different on every page - each based on images of text/signs I have collected in a photographic archive over the past 2 years. 


Much like Ed Ruscha's artist book "They Called Her Styrene", my plan for this book was to have no more than around five words per page - allowing for the text to become decontextualised, more alike to drawings and sketches than their previous state as journal entries, random notes, poetry or narrative prose.

I realise that this work could be created via digital means - from my home during the current lockdown situation - however, I am very reticent to execute it in this way, not only because I wish for the book to be made of hand-pulled screen prints, but also because a key intention of this work is to capture a sense of my time spent at Wimbledon College of Art, for this reason, I wish to create it there. 



Cover and examples of pages from Ed Ruscha's

"They Called Her Styrene" 

Published January 10th 2000 by Phaidon Press

Images from here:


Below is a gallery showing a selection of the photographs from an archive of text references I have been collecting for around two years. These are the images from which I have based much of the typography styles in the plans for this piece.